2022 NC Muscadine Conference Resources

This page provides all NCMGA members with links to resources from the 2022 NC Muscadine Conference, held on March 12 in Lumberton, NC. There are also some videos from the tour on March 11.

2022 NC Muscadine Conference Program (includes contact information for presenters and exhibitors)

PDFs of PowerPoint Presentations

Disease Control Updates and Fungicide Trials Report – Bill Cline, NC State University

Muscadine 101- Renovation and Pruning – Mark Hoffmann, NC State University

New Muscadine Varieties – Patrick Conner, University of Georgia

Cleaning and Sanitation of Containers and Harvesting Equipment – Lynette Johnston and Chip Simmons, NC State University

Introducing Two Buyers for Fresh Muscadines – Happy Dirt and The Produce Box

NC Muscadine Grape Promotions in Canada and Asia – Cathy Ma, NCDA&CS International Marketing


OenoFoss Analysis for Muscadines (Kevin Elder, Windsor Run Cellars)

Daryl Locklear talks about Locklear Vineyard & Winery (video by member Diane McDuffie)

Locklear Vineyard & Winery, Cypress Bend Vineyards, Cypress Bend Vineyards 2 (videos by Jamal Williams)

Tour at Cypress Bend (video by member Diane McDuffie)

Pruning videos from Dr. Mark Hoffmann:


NCMGA Muscadine Judge Tasting Chart – Chuck Blethen