Marketing Muscadine Grapes and Products

Muscadines are sold on the fresh market, as wine, or made into other products, such as juice, jelly, and nutraceutical products. They can be sold wholesale to wineries and processors or fresh market buyers such as grocery chains. They can be processed or made into wine by the grower, or sold directly to consumers at farmers markets, retail stands, and Pick Your Own. Growers should have a plan for how they will harvest, sell, and market their grapes before they plant!  A combination of marketing outlets may increase income and reduce risk. These resources range from economic studies to  storage and grading information to articles with ideas for promoting muscadines.

Virtual Workshops from the NC Muscadine Grape Association

New! Muscadine Food Safety 101 (held July 28, 2022)
A cooperative effort of the NC Muscadine Grape Association and Carolina Farm Stewardship Association, this workshop was led by CFSA Local Food Coordinator Kim Butz. See a pdf of the session PowerPoint here.

Food safety, sanitation, and post-harvest handling/cooling for Muscadine PYO and retail sales (held July 24, 2021 via Zoom)

Other Resources relating to fresh market grapes

Consumer Drivers of Muscadine Wine Purchase Decisions (UNC-Greensboro, 2018)
Marketing Guide for Fresh Market Grapes (NCSU, 2012)
Muscadine Grape Marketing Alternatives: Fresh Vs. Processed Vs. Direct Market (older published paper from Florida; still interesting)
Muscadines, the Next Big Thing? (Greg Ison, Ison’s Vineyard)

NC Wine Resources

NC Winegrowers Association
NC Wine & Grape Council
Search its Industry Resources here.
North Carolina Winery Hospitality and Customer Service Management Program

Consumer-focused Articles about Muscadines

Muscadines may be the Best Grapes You’ve Never Tasted (NPR)