About the Association

The North Carolina Muscadine Grape Association, Inc. (NCMGA) was established as the North Carolina Grape Growers Association in 1973, changing its name to the North Carolina Muscadine Grape Association in 2007. Now, more than 45 years after its establishment, its purposes remain the same:

  • To promote research for the purpose of discovering and developing better, or new varieties, methods of production, packing, handling, storing, processing, marketing, and disease control.
  • To promote through advertising, service work, merchandising, tours, and other means the consumption of grapes and grape products and the use by producers of better nursery stock.
  • To promote efficient production, packing, handling, storing, processing and marketing of grapes and grape products
  • To secure and distribute to its members information and trends relative to the operation and management of the grape business.

Today, the North Carolina Muscadine Grape Association is proud to represent the state’s growers, wineries, processors, marketers, and suppliers to the industry. While most members are in North Carolina, the Association also has members from other states. The Association also welcomes muscadine enthusiasts and gardeners to become members.

NCMGA is a non-profit, tax-exempt membership association. It has a Board of Directors elected by the members and one staff person, its Executive Secretary. Representatives from the NC Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services, NC State University, and NC Farm Bureau serve as advisers to the board.

NCMGA hosts an annual conference/trade show, organizes field days and farm tours, and publishes a newsletter for its members. It promotes and supports muscadines through this website, social media and more. We invite you to become a member! Learn more here.

Current Board of Directors 
Ervin Lineberger, President – Killdeer Farm, Kings Mountain, NC
Daryl Locklear, Vice President – Charlie T. Locklear Vineyard and Winery, Maxton NC
Debra Blanton, Treasurer – Triple BBB Vineyard, Shelby NC
Mark Friszolowski – Childress Vineyards, Lexington, NC
Dennis Goodwin – Denbar Vineyard, Asheville NC
Joseph Howell – Howell Family Vineyard, Lumberton, NC
Walter McDuffie –  McDuffie Farm and Vineyard, Elizabethtown NC
David Myrick – Myrick Vineyards LLC, Selma NC
Philip Nordan – Treehouse Vineyards, Monroe, NC

NCMGA Office and Executive Secretary:  Debby Wechsler, ncmgasec@gmail.com, 919-542-3687, fax 866-511-6660, 197 Spring Creek Rd., Pittsboro, NC 27312