Vineyard & Winery Tour at Treehouse Vineyards

Please join us for our special Vineyard & Winery Tour at Treehouse Vineyards in Monroe, NC on Wednesday, November 17, 10:00 am – 3:00 pm. Whether you are a grape grower or a winemaker or are just getting into the business of muscadines, this is an in-person opportunity to grow your skills and knowledge. While this event is oriented towards current and prospective professional winemakers and muscadine growers, home growers and home winemakers (and others) are welcome to attend. REGISTER HERE.

  • Winery Tour & Discussion – Learn about the winery’s practices and essential lab equipment and winemaking equipment. Learn about the winery’s management and marketing
  • Vineyard Walk – This is an older vineyard in need of renovation and renewal. NCSU Grape Extension Specialist Mark Hoffmann will share his observations and recommendations for sites like this as well as provide seasonally appropriate information and recommendations relevant to all muscadine vineyards.
  • Introduction to Wine Judging –  Learn to evaluate your wine, and other wines. Led by experienced wine judges Chuck Blethen and Alan Staton.
  • Talk and network informally with other winemakers and grape producers

Muscadine winemakers are invited to bring sample bottles of their own wines to include in the wine judging session and sample at lunch. This is not a competition — it’s a chance for informal feedback!

This event is part of the NC Muscadine Winegrowers and Winemakers Quality Enhancement Program (M-QEP), funded by the NC Wine & Grape Council. North Carolina growers/winemakers are also eligible to receive a free Brix refractometer at this event.

Fee & Registration: $20/person, includes lunch and refreshments. REGISTER HERE.  Late registrations are being accepted, but lunch may not be available for last-minute registrants.

9:30 – 10:00 am   Check-in and refreshments
10:00 am – 3:00 pm   Program and lunch
Location:  303 Bay Street, Monroe, NC  (704-238-4208)
Accommodations: Monroe offers many options. 

Phil and Dianne Nordan planted their first muscadines in 2005 and opened Treehouse Vineyards for business in 2010. Besides growing grapes, making wine, and operating a store and tasting room, the farm hosts events and rents out its signature treehouses. Their son, Phillip, took over the business several years ago and currently serves on the board of the NC Muscadine Grape Association. See their website here.

“Introduction to Wine Judging” will be led by Chuck Blethen, Jewel of the Blue Ridge Vineyard, Marshall, NC and Alan Staton, Cabin Creek Vineyard, Zirconia, NC. Both are experienced wine judges and trainers. Chuck is currently working with several organizations to develop judging criteria specifically for muscadine wines. In this session, participants will learn how wine judges work, the various faults & flaws found in wines, how to detect them, probable causes, possible corrections, and how wine judges have to report each of them, and will have an opportunity to evaluate wines brought to the event.