Custom Harvesting of Muscadine Grapes

Getting grapes harvested is often a challenge, especially for growers with smaller acreage who wish to sell in bulk to a winery. The people below offer custom harvesting of muscadines. Others may also provide this service, but have enough clients or simply do not wish to be listed. Most harvesters charge by the ton. Travel distances and small acreages are limiting factors. Names are listed alphabetically below. Contact NCMGA if you’d like to be added to this list.

George Barber
Clarkton, NC
Does custom work but not  currently looking for more growers to work with.

Aaron Bodenhamer
Rowland, NC

Shane Drew
Mullins, SC
Picks in SC, GA, and NC

David Register
Rose Hill, NC
Will travel no more than an hour away, usually 20 miles or less.

Comments and Suggestions from custom harvesters:

  • If putting in a vineyard, make sure there is sufficient space between rows and for turning around at the end of the row for a harvesting machine
  • Make arrangements well in advance
  • Understand that most harvesters also harvest for others and themselves, and that weather is also always a factor.
  • Before harvest, make sure there are no overhanging branches, obstacles, or scrap wire/junk in the way
  • Consider buying your own used harvester if you have 8-10 acres; go in with someone else if your acreage is small.

Websites of companies that may offer used harvesters: