On-Line Classes from the NC Muscadine Grape Association

These classes are oriented towards home gardeners and amateur winemakers. For virtual workshops and events oriented toward commercial winemakers and grape growers, visit the Events section of this website. To learn about the Muscadine Winegrowers and Winemakers Quality Enhancement Program, click here

Grow your own muscadines!

Wednesday August 11 and Saturday, August 14: Backyard Muscadine Production. 
Class completed. Find the recording and PowerPoint presentation here: 

Make your own muscadine wine!

Wednesday August 18 and Saturday, August 21: Making Muscadine Wine at Home. 10:00 am -11:30 am. An online class via Zoom.  Topics include legal considerations for home winemakers, supplies needed, basic testing equipment you need, the winemaking process, and unique things about muscadines you need to know. The Wed, Aug. 18 class is oriented both towards novices and the Saturday, Aug 21 class towards more experienced home winemakers. Led by Chuck Blethen, Jewel of the Blue Ridge Vineyard (Marshall, NC). Chuck Blethen is a home winemaker with 40 years experience making country wines including muscadine wine and has won many medals in amateur wine competitions over the years with his wines. He is a wine judge trainer and a cruise ship lecturer on wine-related topics. He has published two books on wine evaluation and entertaining with wine.. REGISTER HERE.